Strippers vs. Werewolves

Feature Film produced by Black and Blue Films

Director: Jonathan Glendening
Starring: Adele Silva, Ali Bastian, Sarah Douglas, Robert Englund, Martin Kemp, Billy Murray, Barbara Nedeljakova, Steven Berkoff, Alan Ford, Lysette Anthony, Coralie Rose, Martin Compston, Nick Nevern, Marc Baylis, Charlie Bond and Lucy Pinder.

Horror/Comedy about … Strippers vs. Werewolves

Role: Co-Writer


Daily 3′ drama for Smart Phones produced by App-Media Productions

Directors: Don Allen, Sheena Holliday
The first ever UK drama created exclusively for Smart Phones. I co-ordinated the writers, script-edited and wrote some episodes.

Role: Lead Writer


Feature Film produced by Catchlight Productions

Director: Chris Taylor
Micro-budget, high-octane Sci-Fi/Adventure/Alien Invasion/Comedy

Role: Co-Writer

Just for the Record

Feature Film produced by Black and Blue Films/Raw Productions London

Director: Steve Lawson
Starring: Danny Dyer, Rik Mayall, Sean Pertwee, Billy Murray, Steven Berkoff, Phil Davis, Roland Manookian, Ian Virgo, Frank Harper, Victoria Silvstedt, Craig Fairbrass, Colin Salmon, Ciaran Griffiths, Alice Barry

Comedy documentary about a failed feature film

Role: Writer


Feature Film produced by Black and Blue Films

Writer/Director: Martin Kemp
Starring: Jane March, Anna Brecon, Colin Salmon, Billy Murray, Jennifer Matter, Danny Young

Remake of the classic 1976 thriller ‘The House on Straw Hill’

Role: Story by

That Band

30′ sitcom pilot

Starring: Bruce Jones, Claire King, Peter Amory, Lee Otway, Scott Wright, William Snape, Luke Bailey, Luke Titensor

Comedy documentary about a rubbish boyband.

Role: Co-Writer


Feature Film produced by All enQuiries Productions

Director: Don Allen
Starring: Colin Salmon, Tamer Hassan

The first film in a trilogy of British Action/Thrillers

Role: Writer

The Wrong Door

 6 x 30′ TV sketch show produced by BBC Three

Producer: Jack Cheshire
Director: Ben Wheatley
Starring: Brian Blessed, Pippa Heywood, Neil Fox, Burt Kwouk, Gina Bellman, Alex McQueen

BAFTA and Rose d’Or nominated BBC Three sketch show which mixes cutting edge CGI with live action.

Role: Sketch Writer


Feature Film produced by Azra Productions

Director: Humaira Shah

Comedy about a failed bank job and giant furry animal costumes

Role: Writer

Karma Magnet

Short Film produced by Black and Blue Films

Director: Martin Kemp
Starring: Gary Kemp, Adele Silva

Dark drama. The first time the Kemps had worked together since The Krays, and Martin Kemp’s directorial debut

Role: Writer

The WOW Life

Web series produced by POP Productions

Director: Nick Healy

An office based sitcom broken up into daily 10 minute chunks. I ran the writing team on this.

Role: Lead Writer

The Treason Show

Stage revue in Brighton

Director: Mark Brailsford

A long running satirical sketch/song revue

Role: Sketch Writer – regular contributions for 2 years averaging 25% of the monthly content. Sporadic sketches ever since.


Stage revue in London

Various directors.

Britain’s longest running satirical sketch/song revue

Role: Sketch Writer – regular contributions for 2 years averaging 25% of the monthly content. Sporadic sketches ever since.

The Melting Pot


Monthly sketch competition in Edinburgh.

Role: Sketch writer

Quid Pro Quo

Short Film

Director: Mick Fowler
Starring: Tony Becker

14′ drama about police corruption during an interrogation

Role: Co-Writer

Free Will

Short Film produced by the New York Film Academy

Director: Jake Gould

10′ Sci-Fi drama

Role: Writer

Night Junkies

Feature Film produced by Scanner Rhodes Productions

Director: Lawrence Pearce
Starring: Giles Alderson, Katia Winter

Low budget D2DVD vampire horror

Role: Script Editor

Groove Britannia

Short Film produced by the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Director: Jonathan Wolff

15′ comedy about a rock band who moonlight as superheroes

Role: Co-Writer

Shoot the Writers!

TV sketch show produced by An Acquired Taste TV for ITV1

Director: Colin Bennett

Late night sketch show comepetion broadcast in December on ITV1

Role: Sketch Writer

The Evolved

Feature Film produced by Yankee Disco Productions

Director: Andrew Senior and John Turner

Micro budget D2DVD black comedy distributed by Troma Entertainment.

Role: Co-Writer

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