Blimey, two weeks since my last post … I’m pretty sure I haven’t had two weeks worth of sleep since then. Oh well, what’s been going on?

Emails. I should check some emails. Just in case anyone wants to give me any money.

They do! Apparently some Nigerian Prince … nah, that doesn’t sound right.

Bigger cock, bigger, cock, medication, bigger cock, turn $2000 into $1.7 million (that’s very specific), bigger cock, am I lonely, bigger cock, medication … to give me a bigger cock. Gosh, doesn’t instant communication make the world a better place?

Oh, hello, what’s this?

London’s number 1 son changes direction with an exciting new role in dark thriller, DEVIATION.

Ooh, exciting! I like the word exciting!

It’s Danny Dyer … As we have never seen him before.

As a gay, mono-limbed librarian who invents a new kind of chocolate toothpaste? No, probably not – doesn’t really sound like a dark thriller.

King of the indies Danny Dyer will be taking on a new challenge this November in new thriller, DEVIATION.

Good for him. Danny Dyer was in a film based on one of my scripts. He probably doesn’t talk about it in public, or possibly even violently denies it when asked; but we do have a vague connection.

Danny plays escaped convict FRANKIE who kidnaps a young nurse AMBER in a desperate bid to evade the authorities and flee the country.

Told in one night, DEVIATION sees Frankie hold Amber hostage in her own car, taking her on a terrifying ride through the seediest backstreets of London. Amber is played by Anna Walton, of HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY and THE MUTANT CHRONICLES.

DEVIATION is a tense psychological thriller in the vein of other white knuckle rides like THE HITCHER, RED EYE, PANIC ROOM and THE VANISHING.

So what attracted Dyer to the role? “Frankie is a complex guy, he’s not *just* a “psycho.”” says Danny. “He’s a tortured soul, but not one of those fellas Hollywood asks you to believe the hostage will identify with and even try and help get away. This guy is evil, but we can see why he’s ended up like this.”

DEVIATION is written and directed by JK Amalou (HARD MEN, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE QUEEN)

Heard of him, never met him.

produced by J.K., Lara Greenway (CRIKEY VILLAINS)

Ooh, I know her! She’s pretty, And fun, in a slightly bonkers way.


Don’t know him either.

Well there you go … certainly sounds a damn sight more interesting than the next email:


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One thought on “Deviation

  1. Hey Phill, thanks for the shout-out! Damn straight on Lara, HUBBA HUBBA

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