A different point of view

I never really suffer from writer’s block, at least not so far anyway; but occasionally I find myself unsure how to proceed, or struggling to find a bunch of ideas for a brainstorming session.

Maybe that is writer’s block, not sure.

Anyway, one of the tools I use to help spur me on is simply changing location. I find by moving somewhere else I start thinking about things in a completely different way. At home, I tend to just go and lie on the bed and new ideas instantly start flowing.

This practice came from when I was writing The Wow Life, an online sitcom which one day may actually materialise. The first five episodes are filmed and edited, a further five are scripted and we have somewhere in the region of sixty episodes plotted out; unfortunately, nothing seems to be happening beyond that.

Anyway, the writing team consisted of five or six writers and we all tended to gravitate to the same seats in the production office. It was an excellent working environment and ideas flowed freely. Whenever we found ourselves drying up or stuck for a resolution or gag, we’d swap seats, literally get a different point of view; and as if by magic, the solution became obvious.

I can’t remember whose idea it was, but it works. Whether that’s because it actually works or we just thought it worked and it became a self fullfilling prophecy, who knows? Doesn’t matter really, the point is, it worked for us then and it still works for me now.

So if you ever find me lying face down somewhere, mumbling incoherently to myself; do not be alarmed. I’m just trying to get a different point of view.

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5 thoughts on “A different point of view

  1. Weird. Must be a writer’s thing. I too instantly receive ideas from the ideas fairy a minute or so after lying down on the bed. I’m an ‘on my back’ kinda guy though; you sound as though you’re more a ‘tummy’ sorta bloke. Hey-ho, each to their own. Anyone else got a favourite bed/ideas position?

    It works on the sofa as well, by the way.

    My other two ‘ideas places’ are in the bath and doing the dishes.

    Never at the PC. NEVER.

  2. I always get ideas washing dishes. Or on the train. Or just as I’m about to fall asleep. Never when I have time to actually sit down and work them through!

  3. Damn it, I’ve got a dish washer. How many ideas have I cheated myself out of?

    Actually, before I got it, whenever washing dishes, the only idea I ever had was:

    Why don’t I buy a dish washer? Then I could spend this time writing.

  4. Add me to the washing dishes group. I inevitably find myself scurrying back to the PC to type the punchline/brilliant piece of dialogue/etc. that’s occurred to me whilst submerged up to my elbows in soapy water.

    Maybe you need a dishpan and a large bottle of Evian to put beside your computer Phill. Then when you get stuck you can fill the pan, stick your hands in, and voila!

  5. I’m a lie-on-the-bed-and-stare-at-the-ceiling guy myself.

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