Good things always clash

I had an email yesterday from Jonathan Wolff, the director of a short film ‘Groove Britannia’ I wrote with Marian Kilpatrick. It’s an invite to a screening of said short film, something I’m particularly amazed at since I was slowly coming to the conclusion that no one actually makes short films. I’ve found it easier to get a feature script made than a short, which runs contrary to what I think of as common sense. Despite having had a lot of interest in my shorts (I love typing that), no one actually sees them through.

Until now. Which makes this screening quite important to me, a new first. Only problem is, I can’t go. I’m supposed to be flying out to Gothenburg that night for a screening of ‘The Evolved’ at the Gothenburg Film Festival.


Why do good things always seem to happen in clumps? Why do I frequently find myself having to choose betwee two things I really want to do?

On the other hand, it’s pretty cool that so many good things keep happening to me I find myself having to choose between them. Yes, that’s a much better way of looking at it.

More good news:

The first trailer for Yankee Disco Productions’ new masterpiece is finished and available online. For anyone who han’t been paying attention this is the script for which I’ve been receiving the following notes:

“We want the two Cuba Gooding Jnrs to be African tribesmen, one a medicine man and one a chief, who Tom Jones promised jobs as Traffic Wardens.”

“there is a mine of comedy related to having a dragon spunk bomb explode up your ass and the consequences thereof. I would encourage you to pursue that line of thought”

 “I’ve got this animatronic stag’s head…”

and, recently, the following:

“Tom Jones should be more like Idi Amin.”

Hence, the new title of the film: ‘The Last King of Wales v The Beefeaters’; and the trailer:

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