New LVJ trailer

Or rather, another new trailer. There seems to have been a lot more trailer than film on this project so far. LVJ has been in post-production for … you know what? I can’t even remember.

A long time anyway.

The hold up, as always, as been the effects and other, better paid, projects getting in the way. Every now and then there’s a frantic burst of activity when everyone’s back on the case and working hard to get the film finished. You can always tell when the film’s entering a concentrated phase of work because the first thing which happens is a new trailer.

Which you can see here:

Although the rest of the website seems to be down at the moment.

Some people might get upset or frustrated by the lack of completion, I mean, how hard can it be to finish a film? Surely, once the writing and shooting is out of the way, the rest must be easy? Or if not easy, at least possible?

Well, since I’ve had five films semi-produced and not one of the fuckers has been finished (Not one. Including the one already out on DVD) I’ve come to see ‘partially finished’ as the default setting for movie making. It’s not even as if it’s the same reason every time, you know, something you can point at and warn people not to make the same mistake. It’s always different:

One’s run out of money, one’s turned into a bitch fight, one’s stymied because someone involved is being a cock, one was just abandoned because no one could be bothered and LVJ is just a monumentally stupid project for a company to attempt as their first project.

LVJ is the sort of film most production companies would run screaming from, particularly in the UK. It’s been shot on two continents, half of it’s period, it’s got action, aliens, gunfire, military hardware (including planes, helicopters and space shuttles) and more effects shots than Titanic.

And do you know the stupidest thing about it? They actually seem to be pulling it off. Very slowly, admittedly, but it is getting there. I guess with a film like this you need one of two things: lots of money or lots of time. LVJ doesn’t have a budget counted in millions. Hell, it barely has a budget counted in pounds; so the trade off is walking to the finish line instead of running.

If by walking you mean lying face down on the ground and trying to inch forward using only your eyebrows.

Still, I have faith the film will eventually be finished. Curiously, it seems to have already picked up a rating on IMDb of 3 out of 10.

3 out of 10 for a film no one’s ever seen and isn’t even finished?

I can’t work out if that’s good or bad.

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6 thoughts on “New LVJ trailer

  1. That looks like a right old laugh! In a good way. And the ambition does indeed have to be applauded – that’s a good trailer. Also, it’s nice to see Hugh Grant acting in low-budget indie flicks again. Yes.

  2. The only day I went on location was in a forest which had a road running through it. As ‘Hugh’ was running around with a gun in front of the cameras, this couple in a car kept driving past – about four or five times before they worked up the courage to stop and ask if it was really him.

    The guy they spoke to told them he wasn’t allowed to say and they couldn’t have his autograph. I reckon they’re still wondering when that Hugh Grant film they saw being made is going to be released.

  3. Love the trailer. I definitely want to see this one when it’s out!

    Guess I’ll have to be patient. Grrr!

  4. The trailer looks great – really ambitious and the kind of thing that we definitely need more of in the UK.

  5. Unfinished films?

  6. Hi,

    Guess I shouldn’t bud in like this (but I am from Belgium LOL) and interested in this movie — and hope it will be released (some day before my 100st birthday as I may not make that one!!!)

    Plus I am interested in an actor who played a sniper (Mark Wakeling) in it —

    Best of luck with all your projects…

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