Wrong Door – The Train Pirates

Thursday again and there’s more Wrong Door tonight. This week’s episode:

The Train Pirates strike fear into the hearts of Britain’s commuters. Britain’s most eccentric military boffin, Commander Kevin Cheeks, shows off his latest gadgets; masked vigilante The Raven puts in an appearance; and Melanie introduces Philip The Dinosaur to her friends.

Originally this episode was supposed to be episode one, but someone somewhere decided what was supposed to be episode two was stronger and switched them all around. Unfortunately tonight’s episode has a lot of the initial set-ups for the recurring characters – and although it doesn’t exactly ruin everything, it does kind of mess it up a little bit.

Personally, I think this episode is much stronger – but that might just be because it’s got Brian Blessed dressed as a pirate and shouting a lot. I think the opening sketch sums up the show too and would have been the perfect introduction to what it’s all about.

Still, there you go apparently this sort of thing happens a lot.

Tonight: BBC Three, 10.30pm

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7 thoughts on “Wrong Door – The Train Pirates

  1. Jon Ferguson

    Well, whichever episode it was meant to be, it was my favourite so far. The Train Pirates were just inspired, and Philip is marvellous.

    Bloody well done!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Jon. Susy Kane wrote the dinosaur sketches, not so sure about the Train Pirates.

  3. Chris B

    ageed, best episdode yet xD

  4. TMK

    The schedulers obviously realised that the Train Pirates were the perfect lead-in to International Talk Like a Pirate Day…

  5. Brendan O'Neill

    fucking pants! how did this get made?

  6. humanoid

    I love the way Brendan here coyly pulls back from saying “shit” but has no qualms about saying “Fucking”. The flipping cunt.

  7. zygote

    humanoid’s comment is funnier than anything the knobhead wrong door writers have come up with so far

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