Just for the Record – coming soon to a cinema (possibly) near you!

Just for the Record, the film based on a script wot I wrote (not, you’ll notice, the film wot I wrote – I wrote the script, other people took it off and made a film out of it. Script/Film – not the same thing) is being released in cinemas on May the 7th.

Personally, I find that rather exciting.

Not quite enough to add an exclamation mark to that sentence, because I’m just not that kind of guy. (!)

“What cinemas? Where?” I hear you cry.

Which is odd, since I’m currently trapped in a remote country house in France. And surely that should be ‘Which cinemas?’

“Which cinemas? Where?”

Hold on, I’m getting to that part. Jesus, you fucking people.

From the 7th of May, Just for the Record is showing in Apollo Cinemas in six splendid and worthy locations:

Amazingly, these six cinemas are NOWHERE NEAR WHERE I LIVE!

Nowhere near.

Fucking miles away, in fact. Hundreds of fucking miles.

In a strange bit of synchronicity though, Leamington Spa is where I grew up.

Well, sort of. It’s where I spent my teenage years. Growing up is perhaps an optimistic term for a man who still salivates over the Toys’R’ Us website.

I want this for my birthday, by the way.

The Apollo in Leamington, formerly The Regal, is where I saw Return of the Jedi, Gremlins, Back to the Future (1,2 and 3), Rocky 4 (got involved in my first riot outside), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, E.T. and almost every other film which made me want to write films in the first place.

That’s quite exciting.

To me, anyway.

Just for the Record! In the cinemas! Soon! Ish!

Oh fuck it, here’s the trailer again:

And for those of you who similarly live nowhere fucking near any of these cinemas, here’s the Play.com link again in case you feel the need to pre-order the DVD.

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8 thoughts on “Just for the Record – coming soon to a cinema (possibly) near you!

  1. No matter how many times you keep putting that link up, I am not ordering more than one!

    Are you eating savoury crepes, or sweet crepes?

  2. Adrian

    I don’t know – you move from West Midlands to London to be at the forefront of the art and culture world and the moment you do the art and culture world decides to bugger off to Redditch.

  3. Very exciting! I will be purchasing a copy for sure. Well done mate, great to have something out at the pictures.

  4. Rozzie

    I went to Warwick University and spent three happy, weird and fun filled years in Leamington. I lived above a curry house at the bottom end of The Parade. The chef nearly blew us up when he left the gas on.
    What a strange, yet brilliant, place to grow up! I wonder if the aristocratic ‘Lady’ still lies under a bush in the park to absorb the energy from the ley lines? Apparently they all cross in Leamington. Which explains a lot.

    Many congrats on the film.

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