A week(ish) to go!

The London Comedy Writers’ Festival is next weekend, so if there’s anyone who still hasn’t bought a ticket … why not?

The tickets cost £149 if bought direct from the festival.

If, on the other hand, you buy them from anyone of the numerous and worthy bloggers who are flogging them then you can get £25 off.

Buy them from me, on the third hand, and you’ll not only get £25 off the price; but I’ll also give you another £25 cash back after the festival – making the tickets a rather juicy £99.

Why am I doing this?

Oh, I can’t be bothered to explain again. The details are here.

Suffice it to say, you can get this deal by going here and using discount code ‘JobbingScriptwriter’

Send me an email (phill@phillipbarron.co.uk) to tell me you’ve done it, include your address and I’ll post you a cheque as soon as I get the funds from the festival.

Go, learn, enjoy … for £99

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3 thoughts on “A week(ish) to go!

  1. Or you could buy me gin instead.

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